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NBC’s Most Bizarre #PeterPanLive Tweets

If you’re living on Planet Earth, you’ve probably seen some type of promotion¬†for Peter Pan Live on NBC Thursday night. This broadcast is being hyped — big time. But that discussion is for another day. While it’s strange to watch a live musical (without a live audience) on television, the tweets coming from the main NBC account are¬†downright bizarre. Cute. A bold experiment, even. But so very strange. Here are.. Read More

Ello doesn’t fill any social media gaps

I am not a product

Last week, the Internet and my Facebook feed, exploded with posts about the new social network Ello. According the BetaBeat, the interest in Ello grew after an article by the DailyDot proclaimed there was a “great gay Facebook exodus.” For those who aren’t familiar with it, Ello.co is a social network that lets users broadcast conversations, photos and videos. Users can follow their friends, and have people follow them. Sound.. Read More