Hey nerds. If you’re reading this — thank you! This is the official relaunch of effinnerds.com.

The original blog had humble beginnings. I created it in 2008 to give myself  a daily task while I was job hunting during the “Great Recession.” At the time, I wrote about what interested me: technology, celebrities, video games and geeky things. It wasn’t meant to be read by anyone, but at its peak the blog was getting about 6,000 uniques a month.

So what is this new iteration all about? I’m still talking about technology and geeky things, but adding topics like work-life balance, unplugging, fashion & style, love & sex and etiquette in the context of  modern technology.

ICYMI, the future has arrived and we still don’t know what the hell we’re doing. I’d like to figure it out. Stay with me on this journey. But, no, you can’t Snapchat at dinner. Now get off my lawn!

Photo credit: Flickr/aldovanzeeland